By Armor Type

Priest  Myshi0.00
Warlock  Avandth0.00
Warlock  Seksa0.00
Mage  Bonesjones0.00
Priest  Saluzan0.00
Mage  Swikarfo0.00
Mage  Xymie0.00
Warlock  Maady0.00
Priest  Rawfi0.00
Warlock  Katal├┐st0.00
Rogue  Bayonette0.00
Druid  Birtlok0.00
Rogue  Stabbinpoke0.00
Druid  Navix0.00
Rogue  Dagreengirl0.00
Druid  Snugglepaws0.00
Druid  Stadium0.00
Druid  Jurok0.00
Hunter  Savanni0.00
Hunter  Navyx0.00
Hunter  Artemisiss0.00
Shaman  Klare0.00
Shaman  Gragleshnak0.00
Hunter  Dagreenguy0.00
Hunter  Mkenzie0.00
Hunter  Sinklar0.00
Hunter  Xanosong0.00
Shaman  Oskkai0.00
Hunter  Ivye0.00
Hunter  Dininn0.00
Death Knight  Xeolyn0.00
Warrior  Druzillacon0.00
Death Knight  Angeliena0.00
Warrior  Baddehh0.00
Warrior  Sythla0.00
Warrior  Kamakazzi0.00
Death Knight  Sithla0.00
Paladin  Tluddian0.00
Paladin  Navyr0.00
Where are my guild's characters?

By default any character on the Character List in the Admin area that is marked as Raid Eligible will show here. However, if you have enabled the feature to require the characater to be on the raid roster then the character must be on the raid roster for this pool to show on this page.

Exclusions May Be In Effect

Characters not meeting minimums of Effort/Earned and Gear/Spent and Priority/Total have been excluded from this list. These characters will show in the All Members list, but will not show here because the minimums are not met.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em